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100% British Grass Fed Wagyu, Vegan & Veggie Burgers. 

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Check out our buns...

Classic Burger £14.95

 Brioche, grass fed Wagyu, tomato, pickles, lettuce & ketchup 

Mr Pink £15.95
Pink raspberry brioche, grass fed Wagyu, wasabi mayo, pink pickled onion, lettuce & tomato 

Chicken Burger £14.95
Brioche, Chargrilled garlic & herb marinated chicken thighs, lettuce, tomato, red onion & mayo 


The Charcoal £13.95
Charcoal brioche, portobello mushroom, confit red peppers, bufala mozzarella & aioli (V) 


The Matcha £13.95
Matcha green tea brioche, avocado, halloumi, sweet chilli, lettuce & aioli (V) 

All burgers can be naked

Gluten free buns available

(V) veggie

(*VG) can be made vegan

Add Toppings:

Montery jack cheese, jalapeño, , caramelised onion £1.50

Add cured streaky bacon, chorizo, Bufala mozzarella £2.50




Fries with sea salt £3.95

Fries with Truffle and Parmesan £4.95

Movie Fries - cheese, aioli and jalapeños £4.95

Sweet Potato Fries £4.50

House Salad £4.95

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